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Military leadership is based upon a concept of duty, service and self-sacrifice; we take an oath to that effect. The military is synonymous with the production of effective leaders, sound strategies and decision making processes, team building and cohesion, motivation and the maintenance of morale and discipline whether under the unimaginable pressure of combat or simply applying the processes to daily life in barracks. However these processes can be effectively transferred to all aspects of civilian life especially to the business and sport environments and can be instrumental in the education and mentoring of existing leaders and managers or be a pivotal component in the identification and selection of future leaders.

Using Steve’s unique and proven experiences obtained during a 30-year career in both the British military elite forces and private security industry you will learn how to apply strong values to your business environment. Join Steve in his bespoke master classes that can be designed and tailored to specifically meet your needs as you merge military leadership and management, strategies and decision-making, team building and cohesion, motivation, morale and discipline into your corporate structure.

Making tough decisions under extreme pressure, working with limited resources and to tight timelines and almost always against the odds are common practices for any elite forces soldier, together you can work towards transferring these skills to your team, ensuring they are ahead of the rest. Start now, build your team and make them a true force to be reckoned with.


Steve is also an established motivational and after dinner speaker who delivers corporate speeches applying his military values to the business environment, his speeches are full of inspirational tales of hardship, dedication, adversity, risk and high adventure as well as invaluable business lessons which demonstrate that by having determination you can beat the odds.

His speaking style is amusing, informal, interactive, passionate and story telling.

Story telling

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