Masterclasses and Executive Coaching


If your organisation is looking to tackle performance issues, to adopt a proven and tested strategic planning and decision making process, to motivate and build your teams into high performing units, to empower your leaders and managers as mentors and coaches enabling them to inspire those around them, to improve communication skills, to ensure work is distributed and then delegated efficiently and effectively and to handle conflict in an appropriate manner then join Steve in his bespoke masterclasses that adopt a “real world” approach to problem solving and increasing your organisations bottom line performance measures.

Offering a fusion between the strategies, procedures and processes adopted only by British military elite forces to ensure your corporate structure is both streamlined and optimised for success on an individual and collective level. This niche training will be specifically designed to target your unique and individual corporate structure thus ensuring greater operational success.


Coaching and Mentoring

Steve also offers a coaching and mentoring service that focuses on the great expectation that is placed upon leaders, managers and coaches within all contexts such as business, sport, politics and culture and how best they can manage both success and failure and how to increase their team’s performance levels. Steve also uses his experiences of making critical decisions under extreme pressure to talk about managing stress levels and improving your personal well-being.