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OPERATION MAYHEM – Is the first ever account of a truly epic elite forces mission: one of the most highly decorated in modern military history. Airlifted deep into the heart of the African jungle in the midst of a bloody civil war, twenty-six operators from the secret British unit X Platoon were sent into combat against two thousand rebels being used as bait to lure the enemy into a decisive, do-or-die battle. High on blood-lust, voodoo and drugs, the rebels were notorious for their brutal savagery.


X PLATOON – For years it was run on the black economy, its operators kept off the books? Now, for the first time ever a highly decorated veteran who served for over a decade with the unit reveals the secret history of X Platoon. From counter-narcotics operations in Central America to hunting war criminals in the conflict torn hills of Kosovo to being sent into battle against the Russian military elite. Steve Heaney reveals an untold story that will take your breath away.

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